Gadget Saver Device

is used to Rescue, Protect and
Prolong portable electronic
devices that have been affected
by water or other liquids.


The Gadget Saver is a portable device designed to quickly and safely extract water, liquids and moisture from portable electronic devices. Simply place the device in the Gadget Saver bag, reseal & leave to dry for a minimum of eight hours. After drying, please charge up your device before powering on.

Dries out wet electronics rapidly

Regular use of the Gadget Saver Device can improve the performance and prolong the working life of your everyday gadgets. It’s great to use on earphones, hearing aids, Cameras, Mp3 players etc. to improve performance, prevent corrosion setting in, particularly in extreme climatic conditions like high rainfall, temperature and humidity. The Gadget Saver Device can rapidly remove liquids, perspiration and splashes from your Gadgets.